You already have the data. Era helps you make the most of it.

Era is an integrated analytics and payment platform. It helps you maximise the value of data you already have – by transforming it into insights you can act on.

A trusted third party

Ivbar provides Era as a trusted third party in a secure, strictly controlled environment. This means minimal work for your IT team: there’s no local installation, service or updates needed.

(If you’d like to install Era in your own infrastructure instead, just contact us.)

Here’s how the third-party model works.

1. Contract: we establish Data Processing Agreements 

Ivbar and your organisation establish a Data Processing Agreement– fully compliant with GDPR and local patient data legislation. This typically specifies that:

  • We manage your data on your behalf
  • You own all the data
  • We only perform data processing specified by you
  • We never pass data to a third party unless you explicitly ask us to
  • Your data is stored in your country
  • Your data is kept separate from our other clients’ and you can only ever access your own data
  • Ivbar can only store and manage your data as long as we have clear instruction from you to do that. You can remove your data from Era at any time, without specifying a reason.

2. Transfer: you transfer your data to Era through a secure connection

You transfer your data from your existing systems to the Era platform, in a standardized format through a secure connection.

You can include any type of data, based on your needs: like administrative, EMR, PROM, mortality, and drug data – to name a few.

Era allows new data uploads as often as they become available in your systems, up to several times a day.

3. Storage: we store data securely in your country

Era is specifically designed to manage sensitive data securely. The platform is hosted in a secure infrastructure in your country.

Personal data is pseudonymised, which means that ID numbers are replaced with a code.

Your data is separated from other clients’ data and only you can access it. All operations are logged, so you can always see exactly how your data is used.

4. Configuration: we work with your experts to fine-tune the platform 

Ivbar experts and your expert team work together, configuring the platform based on your local circumstances.

Together, we confirm that our KPI definitions make sense in your context. And make sure the analytics are adjusted to work with both your data and coding practice.

5. Analysis: Era analyses the data

From here, you can relax and let Era get to work. Era performs its advanced data analysis automatically.

If you’ve chosen to participate in benchmarking, Era sends aggregated data to its benchmarking module, and receives relevant data back for you to use. You can’t share personal data in Era.

6. Insight: Era gives you results through secure interface  

You can access Era’s results simply and easily through a secure web browser interface.

Era can integrate with a wide variety of two-factor authentication mechanisms – whatever your organisation uses.

It can transfer data automatically back to your local analytics or financial systems.