You already have the data. Era helps you make the most of it.

Era is an integrated analytics and payment platform. It helps you maximise the value of data you already have – by transforming it into insights you can act on.

Solutions for payers and health authorities

An integrated analytics and payment platform

Era is built to help you manage your health care system. It simplifies collaboration between stakeholders, through sharing of insights and alignment of incentives.

Era is powered by technology designed specifically for healthcare, and uses data already available in most healthcare systems.

Data is analysed using evidence based methodologies, carefully designed to be GDPR-compliant in every aspect.

Monitor performance. Focus on value.

Era monitors adherence to guidelines, health outcomes and costs, over entire cycles of care.

It automatically identifies and quantifies potential for improvements. Making it easy to see where your health system can improve, and how.

Era compares providers with automatic adjustments for differences in patient population (case mix). Making your comparisons more precise, and more relevant.

Benchmark with other health systems

Era enables comparisons of performance between health systems. This enables you to identify improvement potential and support your providers to perform to international best practice standards.

Analyse differences in incidence, prevalence, patient pre-conditions, treatment pathways, health outcomes, and cost. Over entire cycles of care, and with adjustment for differences in patient populations.

Participating in benchmarking is optional and only aggregated data (non-personally identifiable information) can be shared.

Identify hidden patterns in your data

Era identifies relationships between patient pre-conditions, treatment pathways, health outcomes and cost of care.

This gives you information about risk groups, so you can address them proactively. It helps you optimise patient flows – to minimise cost, and improve health outcomes for patients.

Simplify value-based payment

Era lets you develop and manage your value-based payment models.

It operates on top of your existing payment technology, and periodically adjust your underlying fee-for-service or DRG models. Reducing complexity of implementation.

Era calculates payment based on patient-level data. Adjustments can be made based on both case mix and health outcomes, reducing the risk of adverse behaviour.

Share insights, set goals and collaborate

Healthcare providers often don’t have access to the data or the tools needed to understand their performance.

Era lets you share insights with providers and set shared goals for improvement. This supports collaboration across the whole health system.


Enabling Advanced Performance Monitoring for Sweden

Era enables continuous monitoring of value for the Swedish Health system, currently covering 7 million lives.

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