You already have the data. Era helps you make the most of it.

Era is an integrated analytics and payment platform. It helps you maximise the value of data you already have – by transforming it into insights you can act on.

Solutions for healthcare providers


The Era platform

Era is an analytics platform that makes it easy to transform your healthcare data into valuable insights, collaborate, and improve care for your patients.

It’s powered by technology designed specifically for healthcare, and uses data already available in most healthcare systems.

Data is analysed using evidence based methodologies, carefully designed to be GDPR-compliant in every aspect.

With easy to use interfaces, Era makes information accessible, and inspiring to use.

Understand the full picture

Era gives you the full picture about your patients’ pre-conditions, treatment pathways, health outcomes and costs. Over entire cycles of care. It reveals important trends and highlights potential improvements.

Up to date information

Era’s insights are always based on the latest available data. Up to date information and short feedback cycles allows you to understand and improve your care.

Benchmark and connect with peers around the world

Era makes benchmarking simple. With standardised metrics and adjustment for differences in patient population (case mix), comparisons become meaningful.

Use Era to connect with peers performing well in areas you’d like to improve. And to allow others to learn from you.

Participating in benchmarking is optional and only aggregated data (non-personally identifiable information) can be shared.

Reveal trends and patterns

With Era, you can identify patients at risk of poor outcomes or high cost. Enabling you to take proactive measures.

Set goals with your team and track your progress

Era can track projects in real time. It allows you to involve your team by displaying progress and milestones on digital dashboards. That way, you can keep everyone motivated over time. And inspire change.


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